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Committed to Quality Local Coverage of Middletown and the Shoreline Conference Communities launched in 2019. We weathered the pandemic with our purpose intact: to inform communities up and down Route 9 and along the shoreline about their sports teams and kids’ individual accomplishments on and away from their fields of play.

From our perspective, covering the sports scene at the area’s schools is a lot of fun. Rewarding in many ways, too. With daily readership often topping 1,000 unique visitors, we believe we are filling a niche and striking a chord with our audience.

Paul Augeri

Paul Augeri is a full time News Editor at ESPN. He founded Middlesex County Sports, LLC as a side gig because he loves sports, writing about sports, and sharing news about local teams with the community. Residing in Middlesex County, Paul intends to grow the website with expanded readership and advertising opportunities.

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