The Panthers' semifinal opponent's fan base at least was up in arms over field conditions and lack of amenities/seating. I heard some of it and can't blame 'em. What fans didn't realize was their team would've been thumped if the game was played at the Meadowlands or on a sandlot

Physical_Terrorist @rayshawpt

@augeri_paul @_CHS_Sports_ No argument that the facilities are inadequate; important to mention that a certain class S powerhouse got butt hurt over it. #statechamps

For @_CHS_Sports_, the years go by, the championships pile up, and the sports facilities remain inadequate. Locker spaces to come at Pierson Park: a good step, but it's not enough.

If my notes are correct, the Yankees are 6-10 since the break, 1-9 against the Astros, Mets, Mariners and Cardinals. What a bag of stink. Beat the good teams (the Royals don't count), please.

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